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1 day ago
Round table question two: is it interesting that the Republican Party is infiltrated by a woman with me I have a policy positions that road women’s rights? @juliemason Kind of hypocritical.
1 day ago
Round table question: what about this week is different? Did the Trump administration cross new lines? Is there any danger his support base with the road? @juliemason
2 days ago
OK I finally looked up the number one song on my birthday February 18, 1979 when I was 14: Da Ya Think I’m sexy? Rod Stewart.

I kid you not @juliemason I’m so embarrassed
2 days ago
Great. I’m so glad she had the self-confidence to defend her self
2 days ago
It is very smart the Democrats are backing off impeachment and treason. @SenSchumer was very wise to back off on this. When is Democrats going to start pushing a winning issue like healthcare? @juliemason
2 days ago
Guest questions: @juliemason With 68% of Republicans approving of president Trump’s Helsinki performance, do Republicans fear losing the non-Trump wing of the party? They seem to be in a tough situation.

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